Sump Pumps and Battery Back Ups: Your Best Friends During a Flood

A light summer rain may be a good excuse to skip outdoor activities and relax in the air conditioning, but that light rain can add up to cause havoc in your basement. This summer, it has been hard to miss the flooding reports on areas throughout Chicagoland. While you may not be near a river or lake, your home is still susceptible to flooding without the help of a professionally installed sump pump.

Sump pumps are a crucial part of your home, saving your basement from water damage or condensation issues such as mold. Your sump pump collects extra water, from either rain, melting snow, or run off from your plumbing system, and shoots it away from your home. Without a sump pump, your basement or lower level would be a soggy, musty, and moldy mess in just a few weeks.

However, while your sump pump is the star of your basement flooding prevention show, there is an important supporting role played by a battery back-up system. Consider this all too common scenario: your sump pump is working well, keeping your basement dry during an especially hard Chicagoland rain storm. Within just a few hours of the storm, the power in your neighborhood goes out. Your sump pump stops working, and your basement is taking on water in just a few hours.

Your sump pump runs on electricity, and without a battery back up system, your pump will not work if the power goes out. A battery back up system is a wise investment to assure that your home does not endure water damage. The team at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing has extensive experience with installing sump pumps and the battery back up system that will assure that your home will stay dry.

Give us a call to inspect your current system or to install a new battery back up system. We are here to help!