Grease Trap Removal

Why Your Restaurant Needs Professional Grease Trap Removal Services

Grease and food service businesses often go hand in hand. It’s an inescapable byproduct of using things like fryers and griddles. And while you no doubt clean and recycle as much fryer oil as you can, some still ends up going down the drain during regular cleaning. 

That’s why you have a grease trap – to stop that debris from entering the sewer and clogging up the pipes. However, the situation doesn’t stop there. You also need professional grease trap removal services to help.

Aren’t All Grease Trap Removal Services the Same?

While all grease trap removal services promise the same results – removing grease and leaving behind a clean system without interrupting the daily flow of business – that’s not always the case. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the company that will service your facility.


You’re responsible for keeping your grease traps sanitized. If you fail to do so, you could face serious fines and penalties. The right grease trap removal service will sanitize the trap after cleaning, but not all companies do this.

Grease Disposal

While you might not worry about where the grease goes after it leaves your restaurant, you should. Working with a company that might dispose of your waste improperly can affect you, particularly if the practice is discovered and the company is shut down. There’s also the impact on the environment to worry about. 

Even though your company isn’t the one illegally dumping, you are partially responsible because of the choice of service providers. Make sure the grease trap removal service you choose properly disposes of all grease and you’ll be able to benefit the environment.

No Business Interruptions

Cleaning your grease traps is a big undertaking. In some cases, the company you choose may tell you that you must shut down or stop serving customers during the process. Or they might require you to have someone on property late at night to avoid shutting down, but that just increases your payroll. With the right company, that’s not the case and you can continue with normal operations while your grease trap is emptied and sanitized.

Better Air Quality

Ever smelled a really dirty grease trap? We have and it’s terrible. That odor also affects your employees and can make its way to the dining room, where it’ll be a major turn-off to guests. With the right company, you can keep your air free of foul odors.

Interested in learning more about grease trap removal and sanitizing? Get in touch with us today.

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