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The Important Features of Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps have important roles to play in keeping your home dry and protected from the threats of too much moisture. They’re usually found in basements and other low points within a building and remove water that collects in these areas. However, there are several important features that you should know about with your pump.

Water-Sensing Capabilities

Once upon a time, sump pumps were manual. You had to turn them on when the water level reached a certain point and then turn them off later. Today’s sump pumps are usually equipped with water-sensing capabilities. When the water gets too high, the pump automatically turns on. The pump will turn off when the water drops to a safe level. 

Discharge Line

Sump pumps are responsible for removing excess water from your home or business, but they must have somewhere to move that water. A discharge line runs from the pump to an exterior drain field. It’s important to care for the discharge line correctly. Mold and mildew can grow and clog the line, reducing the pump’s output volume.

Battery Backup

Sump pumps need electricity to operate. However, you cannot always count on having power when water begins backing up. This is particularly true in areas prone to flooding from severe storms that might knock out the power. A battery backup ensures that your pump can continue running even if there’s no power from the grid. Note that different pumps come with varying battery run times, so pay attention to how long the battery can operate the pump during a power outage when buying yours.

Sump Liner

The sump liner is responsible for collecting and storing water while the pump removes it from your space. It resembles a bucket and can hold many gallons of water, which enters the liner through holes perforated around the rim. 

Sump Lid

The sump liner should be topped with an airtight lid. This prevents moisture from evaporating back into the air in your building and also helps ensure that nothing falls into the liner that might get caught in the sump pump. The lid also helps reduce noise during operation.

Sump pumps are vital tools for many homes and businesses. If you’re in the market for a new pump or need to have your current pump inspected and serviced, get in touch to schedule a consultation today.

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