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The Importance of Maintenance Rodding

Autumn is slowly arriving in Chicagoland, which means now is the time to finish up on preventative maintenance for your home before the winter weather makes any maintenance a messy endeavor. As you walk through your end of the year home task checklist, be sure to include a call to Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing for maintenance sewer rodding.

Our professionals have decades of experience working with sewer rodding, and we have seen what happens when homeowners forgo annual maintenance rodding. We are in and out of your home quickly and leave you with a peace of mind that any sewer issues are cleared up before a problem occurs. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding maintenance rodding to your annual to-do list.

Debris adds up
Your sewer is a complex system and there are many opportunities for debris to gather or block drains. After the spring thaw, summer severe storms, and autumn clean up, items can clog your sewer system quickly. Sewer rodding will assure you are heading into the winter season with a clear sewer.

Problems can happen quickly
If you forgo maintenance sewer rodding, you are putting your home at risk for flooding issues that can happen very quickly. Problems can arise when your garbage disposal floods while guests are on their way or when your toilet overflows when you just want to head to bed for the night.

While our team is always available for emergency plumbing situations, you will feel better knowing that you have done everything possible to prevent any flooding issues. Maintenance sewer rodding gives you the best chance to avoid any frustrating sewer issues during the busy winter season.

We know what we are doing
Our sewer rodding and power rodding services are efficient and effective. Even better, our team is friendly and experienced, ready to give you the best experience possible while working in your home.

Don’t forget to add sewer rodding to your home maintenance task list this season. You will be glad you did!


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