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Flippers Need to Leave Plumbing to the Pros

The recent trend of house flippers has continued rising now more than ever before. It is important to leave plumbing issues to the pros. A flipper’s fix is akin to DIY plumbing, with similar issues and damage. In some cases, the house could end up being even worse off than in a DIY situation. This is because of the speed that flippers want to ‘flip’ the house and move on.

Flipped houses bring a lot to the housing market. They buy houses that no one else will touch, update them, bring them up to code, then sell them. They bring in new housing to old neighborhoods and they help to improve everyone’s property value after they are done. Additionally, there are cases where flippers are not knowledgeable; the alterations they make can end up costing the new owner.

Common Problem Areas for Flippers

Not all flippers are shoddy at what they do, but a good portion is. A lot of the time there are plumbing issues that cannot be solved right away. Usually, because no one has noticed that there is an issue. Hidden problems surface either during a house inspection or after people have already started living in the house. These issues aren’t easily found because it takes time for things like leaks to be noticed, let alone addressed. Plumbing is a good example of these problems because it requires a serious amount of knowledge and skill to be able to make the best choice for your home.

The main problem areas for flippers are, of course, the kitchen and the bathroom. Hidden problems like clogged drains, leaks, cracks, all of these are issues, but they are also all born from other problems. Only a plumber with years of experience can really be able to tell what the problem is, and how to fix it without creating more issues.

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