Why Aren’t DIY Plumbing Fixes a Good Idea?

Hiring a plumber is essential for the health of your pipes. Many people think they can do the work themselves, often with the wrong tools and insufficient knowledge. Do it yourself is a horrible idea when it comes to plumbing for a few different reasons; here are some of them:

It Could End with More Damage

You may end up doing more damage than you thought. Objects installed or replaced incorrectly have a habit of compromising the other pipes or parts of your house. Say that there is a leak under one of the floorboards, you remove the floor, fix the pipe, and return the flooring. Then, a week later, you notice discoloration of the floor. After removing the board, it becomes clear that the issue was exacerbated and now a good portion of the floor is growing mold. This is actually a common experience when people attempt DIY. They believe the issue is fixed, only to have a bigger, more expensive issue on their hands.

It Could Severely Damage Drains and Pipes

Now, let us consider the typical case of clogged pipes and drains. In this case, many people believe that using liquid drain cleaners is the answer. In reality, the use of liquid drain cleaners is extremely harmful all the way around. The liquids are strong enough to break down material that water is unable to break down. This means they are usually highly acidic and thus can wreak havoc on your pipes. Professionals remove clogs by figuring out what is in the pipe before they start treatment. In this way, plumbers are able to remove clogs without excessive damage to the pipes.

Do not even consider doing DIY plumbing. It will end badly for your home and your wallet. Instead, call on us at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing. We live and work in the Chicago area, so we know the best way to deal with native Chicago issues. We will find and fix your plumbing problems, and we will make sure that our solutions do not leave you with more issues.


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