Danger Signs of Plumbing Clogs in Your Pipes

There are many causes for clogged pipes, including everything from trash or hair to tree roots or degrading pipes. Pipes are designed strictly to support waters, so when foreign material is added to the pipe, there is an immediate cause for concern. These are the most common warning signs that your pipes are clogged, and you should call professionals.

Slow Drainage

There are usually two areas where this sort of issue can happen. In the bathroom, in the sinks you have in your counters, shower drain, or kitchen sink. In both rooms, the reason for slow drainage comes down to material inside of the pipes. Usually, this is either hair or foods that have not broken down enough to let water travel smoothly. It is better to call for professional help than to use liquid cleaners, as those cleaners will damage your pipes when misused.

Foul Smelling Drains

Pipes begin to smell bad for two reasons; either the smell trap is dry, and it needs more water in it, or there is something inside the pipe that is rotting. Unfortunately, if the issue is not the smell trap, there could be food inside the drain, or you may have a relatively common issue of small animals getting into pipes and becoming trapped inside them. The safest and easiest way for you to deal with the issue is to give the professionals a call. We have the equipment and the knowledge to fix the smell as quickly as possible.

Unusual Sounds or Puddles

Depending on where your pipes are, you may hear sounds or notice puddles on the ground. Usually, we would not notice these things, but they could indicate something is going wrong. If you hear sounds from your pipes, it could be water trying to get around a blockage, and if you are noticing puddles, it could be from a plant root splitting open the pipe and blocking a portion of it. In either case, you will want to call for help.

The experts here at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing have decades of experience to help you with your plumbing issues and questions. We have worked with the people of Chicago and in the surrounding area since the beginning. Call us to get some professional help.


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