Do I Need to Call a Plumber if My Tub Starts to Hold Water During Showers?

We have all had this experience before. We take a shower, and the water pools at our feet, mounds of bubbles drifting around. Some might not even notice the water level until it is halfway up our shins. If you’ve experienced a situation where your bathtub is holding water, something bad is happening. Here are the main reasons why this happens and whether or not you should call us.

There is a Problem with the Stopper or Visible Block

These two issues are just about the only ones that you can fix yourself, as they are visible and adjustable by you. If your bathtub has a stopper, it could be that it is the issue. Remove the stopper and see if there is any damage. It could be the case that someone has stepped on the stopper and damaged how it sits, causing the water flow to be insufficient for the tub. Also, check around the stopper for any visible blockages. Hair, shampoo, soaps, and shaving cream will often get clogged together around the stopper. Your issue could be as simple as removing the blockage.

There is a Problem Inside of the Drain or Farther Down

If you have checked the stopper and checked that there is no surface blockage, it is time to call us. The issue will most likely be either a clog in the drain or an issue farther down the pipeline. You do not want to use DIY techniques to clear these issues because they cause more damage. Further, because we are experienced with the features and signs of plumbing issues—if there is another problem, we can find it and fix it before it becomes disastrous for you and your home.

Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing has served the Chicago area for decades. We provide help with everything plumbing and sewer. If you believe you are having a clogging issue, give us a call today. We will make sure to send someone out right away to assess the issue and let you know what type of repair options you have.


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