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Don’t DIY: When to Call Your Plumber

Homeowners of all various experiences sometimes enjoy attempting to DIY projects throughout their house. Easy access to technology and how to videos make this Do-It-Yourself generation able to learn skills and apply them to projects around the house. Sometimes, trying a DIY project can get messy or out of hand, especially when it comes to complex tasks. How can you know when you should try it and when you should call in the professional? Here are a few things you should not attempt to do yourself when it comes to plumbing projects.

Complex Sewer Clean Outs
Clogged plumbing happens to everyone. Excess debris can make flooding inevitable, and it can be tempting to attempt to fix the problem yourself. Instead, give an experienced plumber call, especially if you are in the midst of an emergency. Often times, debris needs to be cleaned out of more than just your drain or toilet. An experienced plumber can offer extensive cleanouts of the sewer system that leads out of your home.

Garbage Disposal Replacement
Replacing an existing piece of equipment can seem easy enough, but garbage disposals require a delicate mix of plumbing and electrical work. Instead of attempting this task on your own, call in a plumber who can replace it within the afternoon.

Kitchen or Bathroom Sink Remodeling
While some remodeling tasks, like cabinet painting or even floor upgrades, can be done by an avid DIYer, plumbing tasks should be left to the professionals. Bring in the expertise of a plumber when it is time to install any pipes, sinks, dishwashers, or other equipment. If you are moving the layout of your room, it is even more important than a plumber is there for the installation in order to assure you won’t be dealing with flooding or water damage issues in the future.

Water Heater Replacement
If your water heater is making a funny noise or isn’t doing the job anymore, it is time for a replacement. However, this task can be complex and should not be done by the homeowner. Instead, call a plumber to assure the installation goes smoothly.

Are you ready to tackle your next project but need the help of a plumber? Give the team at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing call. We have decades of experience working with home and business owners throughout the Chicagoland area. Let’s get started on your project soon!


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