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Can You Prevent Pipe Problems Before They Start?

The best investment you can ever think about is to own a home, but it doesn’t come without responsibilities. Pipe problems can be costly if not attended to in good time.

Here are the four common pipe problems and how to prevent them.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a headache to many homeowners. They are mainly caused by corrosion of pipes and may also occur when pipe joints become loose. The best way to prevent leaky pipes is to have a qualified plumber check your plumbing system at least once every year. The plumber will also assess whether water lines to your washing machine, water heater, and other supplies need replacing.

Frozen Pipes

When temperatures are too low, your pipes can get frozen and burst. This can cause damages worth thousands of dollars. There are steps you can take to prevent your pipes from getting frozen. For example, before winter, you can use insulation wrapping or insulation sleeves to protect the pipes exposed to low temperatures.

Don’t close the cabinet doors when the weather is chilly. Circulation of warm air around the pipes will prevent them from freezing. Also, remember to keep the faucet dripping and keep the room temperature at 55F or more.

Obstructed/Blocked Pipes

Debris like small toys, dirt, and hair can obstruct your drain pipes leading to slow drains or pipe blockage. As you can see, preventing this problem requires being careful with what goes down your drain pipes. You can install a drain filter in your tubs and sinks. If you are already experiencing slow or clogged drains, you better call a plumber.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backup is a serious problem caused by sewer line obstruction or blockage. Sewer backup is a serious problem because it has health implications. It also causes a foul smell in the house. Fortunately, it is a problem you can prevent. If you are using a septic tank, arrange for it to be emptied regularly. If your sewer line is connected to the municipal line, arrange with a qualified plumber to clean and repair it once after 2-3 years.

If you need pipe installation, repair, and maintenance, don’t look further than Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing. We have been in this industry for several years and will find the most cost-effective ways of solving your plumbing problems.


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