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Top Plumbing Tips for the Summer Months

When it starts to roll into summer, you can expect warmer temperatures and more time spent outside having fun. However, another thing to be aware of is that you should pay extra attention to your home plumbing system. Below, we’ll detail some of the best plumbing tips to ensure your plumbing works well for the months to come.

Look for Leaks

Winter can cause issues with the plumbing and not all of the problems may be seen until months later. Start with inspecting all the exposed pipes for any obvious damage, corrosion, or leaks. Look especially close near sinks, by hose bibs, and at outdoor plumbing fixtures. Finding leaks early will prevent wasting water or repairs for water damage down the line.

Prepare the Water Heater

Summer might mean you need less hot water, but it’s also the right time to do maintenance on the water heater. Drain the tank and flush it to remove sediment buildup. Having too much of this can impact the heater’s lifespan and efficiency. Turning the temperature to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit can also cut down on energy usage while providing hot water for washing and showers.

Check Outdoor Faucets and Sprinkler Systems

Make sure all the outdoor faucets and sprinklers are working well. During the winter, they can experience leaks and cracks. A leaky faucet or a broken sprinkler can increase bills since water loss is likely to happen. Replace anything that is damaged and consider having a drip irrigation system installed for watering your lawn or garden.

Clear Gutters and Drains

Summertime often includes storms and downpours, so you should make sure the drains and gutters are cleaned up to avoid overflow. Not doing so could lead to water damage to the walls and foundation of your home. You also want to clear the indoor drains to prevent bad smells and clogs. Use a mixture of hot water and vinegar for an environmentally friendly cleaning option.

Seek Help for Serious Problems

If you need a major installation or you’re dealing with complex issues, such as adding new fixtures or doing pipe rerouting, you should work with a professional plumber. They will make sure everything is done right and follow all appropriate codes to avoid problems in the future.

When you want to make sure your plumbing does well through summer, consider using these tips. You’ll be more prepared to get through the sunny season without any unexpected plumbing issues. Contact us to learn more!

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