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How to Find and Turn Off Your Home’s Main Water Valve: A Must-Read Guide

As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities. One of those responsibilities includes knowing where your home’s main water valve is and how to turn it off. Whether you’re dealing with a busted pipe, plumbing problems, or getting ready for a long vacation, knowing how to turn off the water supply can help you avoid costly repairs and limit damage.

This blog will lead you through the process of finding and shutting off your main water valve.

Locating the Primary Shut-Off Valve

The location of the primary shut-off valve is often dependent on the type of foundation you have. For instance, if your foundation is a slab, look for it near your water heater. If you have a basement, it should be located on an outside wall, often just opposite an exterior hose attachment.

For homes with a crawlspace, the main shut-off valve might be underneath the house or on the front of it. Once you find the valve, you can move on to the next step.

Determine What Type of Valve You Have

While finding the shut-off valve might have been tricky, figuring out how to turn it off is often simpler. Typically, the valve is an ordinary wheel or lever. If it’s a wheel, spin it clockwise with an adjustable wrench until it stops. Turn it a quarter turn to the right if it’s a lever.

What Happens If You Can’t Find the Shut-Off Valve?

If you checked the places above and still can’t find the shut-off valve, don’t panic. This is one of the main reasons why knowing where it is before an emergency is crucial. Take a deep breath and start again, walking around the outside of your house and paying special attention to where any plumbing enters your home.

After finding those spaces, locate the interior parts of your home that match to see if you missed the valve on the first run-through. If all else fails, you may be able to locate and turn off the valve at the main water meter. The water meter is usually located near the front of your property, close to the street or sidewalk. Look for a rectangular or circular box with a lid and be sure to only touch the valve that’s nearest to your home.

Final Notes

Finding and shutting off the main water valve in your house is an essential skill, especially when faced with a water emergency. Reacting quickly can shield your house from water damage, lower repair costs, and provide you with peace of mind. The main objective is to be prepared, not panic, and have a game plan in mind. Contact us today if you need any further assistance!

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