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How Do You Know if Your Sump Pump is About to Need Replacing?

A sump pump is expected to last for at least ten years, over which it suffers wear and tear that could compromise its ability to drain water. Water retained at that level of your house can result in extensive damage, which might be irreparable. It is always best to replace your sump pump before it dies completely.

Signs That Your Sump Pump Requires Replacement

Your sump pump can show off several signs that it needs to be replaced. Here are some of the most common.

Strange Noise

Unusual noises originating from your pump are a sign of damage to the motor or impeller, which requires replacement. The noise may come and go or be constant.

Excessive Vibration

This vibration could be a result of a damaged impeller sustained from sucking up hard or large debris. When damaged, the impeller exerts stress on the shaft, causing wobbling. If the impeller is damaged or bent, the only solution is to replace it.

Doesn’t Stop Running

If your sump pump keeps running non-stop, you need to have it checked. The most obvious causes could be a faulty switch or problems with the float arm. This problem often occurs when the pump changes position in the basin, affecting the functionality of the switch. The same can also occur when the switch loses connection with the power source.

If your pump is running longer than usual, it is also a sign that it could be broken. In this case, you should have it checked for the possibility of repairs or replacement. It could also be a result of low horsepower. You should always consult a professional plumber for recommendations on the sump pump best suited for your house.

Irregular Cycling Frequency

If your sump pump goes through irregular cycles, you need to have it checked. The problem could be minor, but it likely won’t pump water as required, and that could be disastrous especially during rainy seasons. It is, therefore, best to have the pump checked by a professional plumber and possibly adjusted.


Certain features are signs of an aging sump pump such as rust, consistent failures, and the need for consistent repairs. If your sump pump is closing on to the ten-year life span, it is always best to budget for a replacement. Are you seeking the services of a professional plumber? Consult Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing for solutions to your sump pump problems. Our plumbing experts will assess your house and offer advice on all your plumbing needs.


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