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When to Call an Emergency Plumber

No one wants to call an emergency plumber (or an emergency anything, for that matter!). However, there are times when it may be necessary. Some issues are more obvious than others, such as if you have sewage backing up into your drains in your showers and tubs. There may also be instances where you’re not quite sure what constitutes an emergency. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Emergency Plumbers Aren’t Cheap

If your plumbing issue is serious, call someone. It’s that simple. However, stop to assess whether you need to call someone right away, or if you can call someone in the morning (or the next business day). Emergency plumbing usually costs three or four times what regular plumbing work costs simply because of the convenience and demand for after-hours services. 

Don’t decide whether you need one based on cost alone, but make sure that you honestly assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Even if it’s three in the morning, you can at least do an Internet search to see what the experts online suggest. 

When Should I Call Emergency Plumbing Services?

There are several situations when you need to call an emergency plumber. If the damage has caused a serious leak that you can’t shut off or that left massive water behind, you might need to call a plumber to fix the issue so that you can get the water damage mitigated as soon as possible, too. Plus, in this instance, your plumbing is probably not functional and won’t be until it’s fixed. 

You should also call an emergency plumber if:

  • You cannot turn off whatever is broken, damaged, or not working properly. 
  • The weather dictates necessity, such as if your water heater might freeze or if it’s hot and you need water for your health and safety. 
  • There’s a leak or total failure with your water heater
  • You smell gas or strange odors of any kind 
  • Toilets overflow and won’t stop flowing or unclog 
  • Sewer is backing up in toilets, drains, or the basement
  • You smell rotten eggs (a sign of sewer gases leaking)

If whatever is happening is also a danger to your health, such as a sewer gas or natural gas leak, you should leave the home immediately while waiting for Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing to arrive. That way, you can keep your family safe until the problem is resolved. 

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