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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs Urgently

Aside from having no hot water at all, would you know if your hot water heater needed urgent repairs? What signs would it give off if it was failing? Even worse, what would happen if it started to gain too much pressure? The truth is many homeowners do not have any idea what their hot water would do if it was in trouble. That is why we always recommend if you think there’s a problem, you call us in to check. Hot water heaters are no joking matter, especially if they are malfunctioning.

What Your Water Heater Would Do if It Needed Repairs

The most common sign that your water heater is not working properly is noise. When your hot water heater makes noise, it is often because something is off. It could be that it needs to be flushed out, that something has come loose, or even that it has a problem on the inside that you cannot see. Take the noises seriously and have us come take a look.

Water that is not getting hot quickly or staying hot is another sign of a problem. This may come in waves or may happen all at once. You may go to take a shower and notice that before the end of the shower, the water is getting colder. These are signs that your water heater may be struggling in some way.

Seeing your hot water heater become distorted is a major red flag. If you notice it swelling, get yourself and everyone out of the house and call for help. While incredibly rare, water heaters can explode when they begin to malfunction. If you see something going on with your water heater that makes you feel unsafe, get out and call us immediately.

Turn to Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing for Any Hot Water Heater Issue

If your water heater is old, it may need replacing. They only last for a certain amount of time, depending on the type and size you have. If you want help making sure your water heater is safe, please take a moment and reach out to us here at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing. We are here to help.


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