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What to Do if You Know Your Home Has Old Pipes

Did you move into a house that already had old pipes? Maybe you have lived in that house since it was built and know the pipes are original. Either way, old pipes have their own set of rules that guide them. Depending on how old they are, the pipes may be so old that the basic pipe was created with many layers of wood pulp, a waterproof adhesive, and tar. These were known as Orangeburg pipes. They are just one type of old pipe that needs special care until it can be replaced with a newer option.

Old Pipes Are Not All Safe

Most of the pipes used for houses have been made from safe materials. However, there were occasional times where the wrong type of pipe was used for the wrong purpose. Some old pipes were also thought to be safe, only later to be found unsafe. These create hazards for some homeowners throughout the US. If you are not sure what kind of pipes you have, it is best to call us so we can do an inspection and let you know.

When caring for old pipes, you want to be gentle with how you use them. This means not putting anything dangerous or corrosive down the drains. It should also mean not putting food debris down your sink or toilet. These types of things can clog up pipes quickly, leading to bigger issues.

If you do notice something like a clog, you want to make sure that you do not pour corrosive chemicals down the pipes, either. These chemicals can eat away at some pipe materials. Instead, you should have a professional plumbing company come in so that your clog can be dealt with safely.

Reach Out to Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing for All Your Piping Needs

Whether you have issues with old pipes or brand new ones, know that you can rely on the experienced professionals here at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing. We will come out and check to see what the problem is. Then, we will let you know which solutions we believe will correct the problem best.


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