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Why Do Water Heaters Make Noise?

Water heaters are some of the most used and abused equipment in the home. They do not get the attention that HVAC gets or the updates that electronics get. Most of the time, once they are installed, most people forget they even exist. This is especially true with the newer water heaters since they can last between eight and twelve years. Many people assume they are working fine and reap the benefits of hot water on demand. But then, sometimes the water heaters begin to make noise. Popping, shrieking, crackling, and sizzling sounds are the source of many horror movie sounds. Here are the most common reasons for these sounds.

Popping or Banging

If you live in an area that has hard water, you may notice these sounds. Water heaters operate by pulling water into their tank; if that water is hard, minerals from the water will sink to the bottom of the tank. Sometimes water will get under this layer of sediment, and when heated, the heated bubbles will pop against the tank making this familiar sound. Usually, this can be fixed by flushing out the tank with the proper equipment, but it can lead to a replacement.

Shrieking or Screeching

If you hear these particular sounds, it is from one of the valves. Most often, the particular value that is causing the scream comes from the water inlet. This is because the water inlet can sometimes shift and partially or heavily restrict water flow. The result produces a screaming as the water heater attempts to draw water without a sufficient flow. If you hear these sounds, check your inlet valve first to ensure that it is all the way open. Then check all the other valves, too, while you are there.

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