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Kitchen Trends We Love

If you are looking for your next home improvement project, and want one that adds value to your home, look to the kitchen. It is true that upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms can increase property value, but you don’t have to invest in a complete kitchen overhaul to give your home a fresh look. Here are a few trends we are loving for kitchen projects.


Adding Some Color

For many years, an all-white kitchen was trendy among contemporary style homes. However, while white can give the impression of clean, it is also a bit boring. Plus, anyone who has kids can give examples of how hard it is to keep up with dirty fingerprints on all white cabinetry and counters. Fortunately, adding color to the kitchen is now trending among major designers. Whether it is a neutral tone, like gray, or a pop of a bright color, like turquoise or lime green, you can add color throughout your kitchen to express your own personal style. Paint your cabinets or purchase colorful appliances to keep on your counters, letting them pull double duty as stye pieces.


Don’t Bet the Farm

Farmhouse style has reigned supreme throughout home trends, but signs are pointing to its slow decline. For example, farmhouse sinks are no longer on hot lists among kitchen designers, as homeowners are choosing undermount sinks instead. If you have a farmhouse sink, there is no need to replace it today, but you may find an undermount sink is more durable and useful in your busy kitchen.


Organization Included

Your kitchen can get disorganized quickly. The pots, pans, utensils, and food items can become jumbled if everything does not have a designated space. A major kitchen trend this year is built in organization. No need to run out and buy new cabinets with all the features (unless you want to!). Instead, try buying items like wire shelves to add to the inside of your cabinets or a revolving spice rack for your pantry.


Have you been wondering what you could do to spice up your kitchen, or are you planning a complete makeover? In any case, you want an experienced plumber by your side during all stages of the process. Our team can help you upgrade your sink or garbage disposal, move or add a sink, or create a functional island that you will love. Give us a call today to get started.


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