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Kitchen Remodel Problems and Solutions

Are you ready to stop daydreaming about your perfect kitchen and actually get started on making it happen? Most homeowners who save up and get ready to invest in their kitchen remodel look forward to the day when their dream kitchen becomes a reality. However, homeowners are also not ready for the inevitable bumps and frustrations that can happen during the remodeling process.

Remodeling snafus are common, even for the most experienced contractors. However, even a small hold-up or problem can make homeowners frustrated or worried. Here are a few common remodeling problems and potential solutions.

Slower Timeline Than Expected

There is nothing more frustrating than expecting certain tasks to be done by a certain date and not seeing the projected process. Kitchen remodeling timelines are tricky, as certain tasks must happen before other tasks can be completed. For example, cabinets need to go in before the floors can be installed and countertops need to be completed before a backsplash. It is a lot of moving pieces and one stall can break your entire timeline. While you can’t always avoid every hold-up, you can be sure you are keeping clear lines of communication with your contractor. This regular check-in and chat can keep your expectations realistic while keeping you in the loop with what is happening next.

Plumbing Complications

Any kitchen remodel, even one that doesn’t change the existing footprint, requires an experienced plumber. Without one at the lead, your kitchen remodeling efforts could end in water damage or flooding. Work with an experienced plumber to be sure your pipes and appliances are functional and to make the updates you need so that you aren’t needing an update just a few years after your remodeling efforts.

Finding Unexpected Problems

When you start to open up walls, rip out cabinets, and get rid of tile or flooring, your contractors may run into unexpected problems caused by previous owners or decisions. This can be frustrating and expensive, especially if you discover you need to make major behind-the-scenes changes to keep your home safe and to village code. Be sure you are working closely with your contractor to hear about the issues as they arise and to hear the pros and cons of solutions that will keep your home safe.

Don’t start your remodeling project without an experienced plumber on your construction team. Give Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing a call today to get started on your updates with confidence.


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