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How to Unclog a Toilet that Won’t Drain

Having a toilet that won’t drain when you try to flush is a bad feeling. It’s one of the worst feelings, to be honest because it means you have a bit of potentially dirty work ahead of you. Clogged toilets are a mess, and they can be embarrassing. You want to clear the toilet right away, but it’s not always easy to unclog. Below are some simple tricks you can try.

The Plunger

Every household should have a plunger, and everyone should know how to use it. This is likely the first thing you should grab when you have a clogged toilet. If the toilet is already full of water, remove enough that you can get the plunger into the toilet without creating a mess on the floor.

Place the plunger in the toilet and cover the bottom hole. Create a vacuum with the plunger and pump up and down to force the water through the drain and remove the clog. Repeat until the blockage is removed.

Soap and Hot Water

Heat about a gallon of hot water on the stove until it is hot but not quite boiling. While the water is heating, you will want to pour some dish soap into the toilet. Once the water is hot, pour it into the toilet and then wait for about 15 minutes. This should help to loosen the clog so the toilet will drain and flush properly.

Toilet Snake

While this can be messy, it can work great. You can buy a toilet snake, which can be lowered into the toilet bowl to remove the blockage. Make sure the snake you choose is long enough to get deep into the toilet bowl, where it should have a better chance of removing the clog. You can use the toilet snake repeatedly, but you will need to make sure it is properly cleaned after each use.

Sometimes, You Need the Pros

These are just some of the chemical-free methods that you can use to remove clogs from your toilet. Of course, you might also find times when the tricks and tips above do not work. If that’s the case, don’t keep trying to unclog the toilet on your own. Instead, get some help. Contact the professionals at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing, and let them come and take care of the toilet problem for you.


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