How to Treat Roots in Your Pipes Before Spring Growth Starts

Roots in your pipes can cause a lot of damage. They can crack the pipe, dislodge the connections, and even cause pipe collapse. If you have issues with roots, you should manage those roots now. This is because once trees begin growing in the spring, your issues will get worse. The tree will extend the roots out further in search of water and nutrients. If your pipes are in the way, the roots will push straight through.

Treating Roots in Your Pipes

The first thing you want to do is confirm you have roots in your pipes. This is simply done with a camera inspection. Once we know roots are the cause, we need to treat them. The best way to treat them is to trim them. We send a machine into the pipe and cut the roots. This tells the tree that the pipe is not a good direction to go, plus keeps your pipes clean. From there, we can keep chemically treating the roots, or even reline the pipe to keep roots out.

Making sure to complete these treatments prior to the growing season allows the pipes to stay clear longer. Waiting until the tree is fully growing could make the problem harder to correct. Since trees grow annually, this is a treatment that should happen regularly.

Other Pipe Issues to Be Aware Of

Tree roots are only one issue to stay on top of. Homeowners also need to be mindful of clogs and leaks. Pipes give off indications when they need help. There may be noises, smells, or even damp areas of the home. If you notice any of these, it is best to call us in to check. The sooner we diagnose and treat an issue, the less damage it can do.

To fend off roots in your pipes, contact us here at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing. We can use our years of experience and expertise to ensure your pipes are clean and free flowing. Take advantage of the winter’s cold and keep your pipes free from problems today!


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