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What Does a Bad Smell Coming from Your Drains Mean?

Have you recently noticed a bad smell coming from your drains? It could be a lot of different things, but in most cases, it is the result of buildup within your pipes. It is not a symptom that you want to ignore. Instead, it is something you want to pay attention to. Ignoring the smell could result in more problems in the future. Do not let a smell coming from any of your drains proceed to get worse. Take action at the first sign of a problem.

What Leads to Bad Smells Coming from Drains?

Whenever anything goes down the drain, it has the potential to leave residue behind. For example, if you drain your kitchen sink after washing dishes, the debris left in the water can leave a film on the bottom of your drain and all throughout your pipes. Once you walk away from your sink, that leftover residue dries and becomes hard. Over time, these layers of buildup grow and become similar to concrete. They also can begin to decay, as old food continues to breakdown. This is where the smell comes from.

You Should Never ignore a Bad Smell Coming from Your Drain

The smell is the easiest way for you to know there is a problem where you cannot see it. It could be coming from the underside of your drain, from your pipes, or from both. Since these layers have dried between when they were deposited and now, they are incredibly tough. Just running water down the drain is not going to do any good. You need to have someone come through and break up that debris to remove the smell. If you ignore it, it could progressively get worse and lead to a full clog.

If you need help clearing out smelly drains or pipes, then contact us here at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing. We will work with you to figure out the cause of the odor and then discuss the best options we have to remedy it. Don’t ignore strange smells. Your pipes and drains will thank you.


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