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Why Regular Camera Inspections Are Essential for Healthy Pipes

Do you make sure to get regular camera inspections of your pipes? If not, then you may be about to face a pipe disaster. Regular camera inspections give you a view as to what conditions your pies are in. This lets you know if there are cracks, buildup, holes, or if you are about to face a clog. Pipes that are not inspected could be failing. The problem is, without inspections, the only way to know is if your pipe fails.

What Regular Camera Inspections Show

In many instances, drain and sewer pipes are out of sight and out of mind because they only come to our attention when there is a problem. However, when you get regular camera inspections, you can know when a problem is coming. When you have a regular camera inspection, it shows what the inside of your pipes currently looks like. This means that your pipes will show in real-time if they have issues like:

  • A lot of build-up around the outsides so they are narrow to drain
  • Tree roots that are slowing down water or drains
  • Cracks in the pipe showing it needs to be repaired
  • Partial collapses in your pipes

Camera inspections Are Great for Problems, Too

Should you notice an issue with one of your pipes, that is a great time to use a camera inspection, too. It helps you see what the problem is so you can determine the best solution. We can come out, put the robotic camera into the pipe, and get a look at precisely what is going on. The feed is sent up to our monitor so we can see everything for ourselves. If we think we have found a problem, we can rotate or move the camera for a better view.

Call Us for Camera Inspections Today!

If you need an inspection due to pipe issues, or if you want to begin getting regular camera inspections, give us a call. We can set up a time to help you figure out what is going on with your pipes. Plus, we can also set up regular pipe maintenance to help keep your pipes running well. Call us at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing today!


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