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Do You Regularly Maintain Your Sump Pump?

How often do you maintain your sump pump? Is it something you make sure to take care of at least once per year, or do you leave it and hope it keeps working? If you have not done sump pump maintenance lately, that could wind up being a massive problem. Leaving your sump pump to fend for itself could result in a failure when you need it most. Never take the risk.

What Do You Need to Do to Maintain Your Sump Pump?

There are several steps that go into sump pump maintenance. These should each be done at least once per year, sometimes more, such as if your sump pump failed or if a new one was installed.

  • Unplug and remove the sump pump itself. You want to visually inspect the pump for problems. Plus, you want to take it apart and make sure all components are free from buildup.
  • Make sure the water inlet is totally clean. If this gets debris built up on it, it may not suck in water when it needs to, leading to a failure.
  • Always make sure that your sump pump on a totally flat surface when in the pit. You never want the sump pump to tip to any side. This can make it harder for the sump pump to function properly.
  • Make sure the float is at the right level. If it is too high or too low, it will not function as it should and it could result in premature burnout or a flood.
  • Check the outlet hose and make sure it is not near your home. It should easily flow away from the house and not have any low spots that could result in the water pooling near your home.

Call Us to Inspect and Maintain Your Sump Pump for You

If you do not know what you are looking at, or do not know how to maintain your sump pump, then let us do it for you. We can put our years of experience to use for you. Contact us here at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing today. We can help!


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