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Before Company Comes: A Homeowner’s Checklist

As the holidays approach, homeowners everywhere may be expecting houseguests for a few nights or longer. Make sure your home is in tip-top shape for both your guests and yourself to assure home disrepair doesn’t ruin the festive atmosphere. At Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing, we have witnessed first-hand many gatherings derailed by plumbing issues or crises. Here are our tips for assuring you, or your guests, aren’t caught in an emergency situation this season.

Check your water pressure.
One thing is certain for you and for guests staying in your home: bad water pressure is downright annoying. While you and your family may have been tolerating poor water pressure for a few months now, your guests will notice it quickly. In fact, low water pressure can become even worse as your shower load increases with a few overnight guests.

Low water pressure doesn’t just affect your shower. You can become frustrated due to low water pressure while washing holiday dishes or even washing your hands.

You don’t have to live with bad water pressure, and neither do your guests. Get your situation checked out by the team at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing. Chances are, your pressure problems will be an easy fix and you’ll be pleased you finally can enjoy a normal shower again.

Take care of hard water.
Not all water is created equal, and some areas in Chicagoland can experience the effects of hard water. Hard water is more mineral-dense than average and can cause stains or a grimy feeling on shower walls, or can cause guests to experience problems with shampoo, soap, or sensitive skin. Is hard water creating additional cleaning chores for you? There are potential solutions for your hard water situation, including hard water treatment systems that can benefit the entire home. Give us a call to set up a consultation for your specific situation.

Clear sluggish drains and toilets.
Nothing shuts down a holiday gathering like a flooding toilet or drain. Trust us – we’ve seen it happen, and watched homeowners work to repair water damage during what is supposed to be a festive time. Decrease your chances of a toilet clog crisis by practicing preventative plumbing care; call us to inspect any sluggish drain or toilet long before guests ring your doorbell.

Now is the time to address any plumbing concern you have been living with the past year. Generally, our experienced professionals can provide quick and easy assessments, giving you solutions that cost less than you may expect. Cheers to a happy (and plumbing crisis-free) holiday season!



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