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Why You Should Purchase a Touchless Faucet These Days

Right now, the world is chaos, and everywhere we turn, we keep hearing warnings about staying safe. These adages are true, but they were true long before we ever heard the term COVID-19. It is essential we do what we can to keep ourselves and our families safe from all types of germs. Little changes that we make in our homes can mean a big difference in how often people spread germs and get sick. One of the changes we recommend often is a simple touchless faucet.

Touchless Faucet Upgrades Are Easy and Effective

One of the dirties areas of our homes is our faucets. Everyone grabs the handle after using the facilities, when they have sticky hands, and whenever they are just plain dirty. When you add in the humid air from people showering, then you can likely see how germ growth can be tremendous in this room. By taking the need to touch the faucet out of the equation, you can get clean and leave your bathroom clean, too.

Switching out your current faucet for a touchless faucet is a relatively simple process. However, it should not be done by someone without plumbing expertise. If it is not put in correctly, it could result in water leaks, stagnant water not flowing through the pipes properly, or even the faucet not turning on when it should. That is a great reason to reach out to us here at Village Sewer & Plumbing. We can come out, update your faucet, and ensure that you and your family have one of the safest options around.

There Are More Reasons to Opt for a Touchless Faucet

Did you know that these faucets, when properly installed, can save you money terms of water consumption? Kids often leave water running, but since these automatically turn off, it can leave you with a lower water bill. This is also good for the planet, allowing you to be a little greener in your home. Plus, they often take up less space, which is good in smaller bathrooms. Want to learn more about touchless faucets for your home? Then call us today at Village Sewer & Plumbing.


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