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Options if You Have a Cracked Pipe on Your Property

A cracked pipe can lead to a myriad of problems. It could leave you facing water leakage, sewage leaks, and even a flooded yard. If you have a cracked pipe, you need to call us so we can see how bad the problem really is. Once we see where the crack is, we can explain your options to you. Then, we can work together to decide what fix to put in place to get your pipes back up and running.

Options That Can Fix a Cracked Pipe on Your Property

First, if your pipe is cracked, we have the option of replacing the pipe. While this is not a simple fix in all instances, it does provide you with peace of mind in that the problem is taken care of. We take out the old pipe, and put in a brand new one. No more crack, so no more problems.

Second, we can reline your pipe. This is when we take a pipe liner and put it inside the old pipe, using it as an outside form. Then, we press this liner against the old pipe and let it cure. It becomes stronger than the old pipe and it also covers the crack completely. This is a great option in many situations because there are no trenches dug on your property.

Finally, we can occasionally find where the crack is and repair it. This is typically only done if the pipe is also through part of your home or business. When the crack is out in the open yard, digging to the pipe is a better option. This work is not as long-term as the other fixes, but it does stop the leaking while we figure out a long-term solution with you.

Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing is Here to Help

Trying to deal with a cracked pipe on your own is never a good idea. If you have a crack in the wrong pipe, you could have sewage creeping up into your dwelling. Always call us here and let us help you. We have experienced professionals who can come out any time you need.


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