Emergency Sewer Service

Emergency Sewer Services – Do You Need Them?

It’s easy to take your sewer lines for granted. When things are working properly, they’re invisible. They’re behind the scenes, wicking away water and waste without any fuss or hassle. However, when things go wrong, the situation can quickly get out of hand. Here are a few signs that you might need to call for emergency sewer services.

1. Noticeable Sewage in Your Yard

This is the most obvious sign that you need emergency sewer services. If you notice a puddle of stinky water on your lawn, it means there’s a leak in your exterior sewer line. An experienced technician can use a sewer camera to check out the situation and determine if a pipe is shattered or cracked, and then plan how to handle the issue.

2. You smell sewage when outdoors in your yard.

It’s normal to catch a whiff of something “off” now and then, depending on where you live. However, if you regularly smell sewage when out in your yard, it’s a sign that all is not well with your plumbing system. 

3. Your drains are moving slower and slower.

When you flush the toilet, the water should flow out quickly. The same applies to your sinks. If you’ve noticed that it’s taking longer and longer for water to drain out, it’s a sign that there’s a growing blockage somewhere in your sewer lines. An experienced plumber can identify the location quickly and accurately using a sewer camera attached to a flexible snake, even if it’s inside the wall, under the floor, or out in the yard, all without having to dig up or tear out anything.

4. You’ve ruptured a pipe.

Whether a water pipe freezes during the winter and then bursts or you’re dealing with a ruptured pipe stemming from another cause, your first step should be to turn off the water to the house. Your second step should be to call for emergency repairs. 

5. Your sump pump fails.

Sump pumps help keep water from backing up in your basement and other low areas within houses and businesses. If the pump fails and there’s an influx of water, it can lead to flooding. If your pump isn’t working or isn’t working correctly, you must repair it or replace it immediately.

Are you experiencing any of these issues? If so, get in touch with us for emergency sewer services no matter what time of the day or night it might be.

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