What to Do If Your Basement Floods

A flooded basement is a nightmare, but there are steps you can and should take as soon as you realize the space has flooded. This can help to ensure you remain safe and that you minimize the damage. Make sure you follow the tips below.

Don’t Go Into the Flooded Basement

It’s tempting to wade through the water to get to your belongings and to try to rescue them. However, floods can be more of a threat than just property damage. The water is dirty, and there is a chance that there could be electrical dangers. If the circuit breaker is not in the basement, turn off the electricity. Otherwise, appliances could be dangerous if they contact the water.

Remove the Water

After the power is off, you can start to remove the water. If there is flooding, it likely means that the sump pump has been damaged, or that it was overwhelmed. You may need to get a new sump pump to remove the water, or you can talk with local plumbers who can come and take care of the water removal for you. This is often the easiest and safest option, especially if there is a lot of water in the basement.

Check Your Items

You can’t leave any wet items in your basement if you want the space to dry out properly. You need to go through all of your belongings and determine whether anything can be salvaged, or if it needs to be trashed. Hopefully, the insurance company can help with compensation for damaged items and for repairing the basement. If you have carpet in the basement, you will want to rip that up, too.

Dry the Basement

The basement tends to be hard to dry unless you use fans or blowers. Using a dehumidifier can help, too, and reduce the risk of mold growth. Make sure the basement is fully dry before putting anything else back into it.

You should also look for issues and damage that could have led to the flooding and have them fixed. Make sure that you keep all of your most precious items up and off the floor to reduce the risk of damage in the event of another flood.

Work with the professionals at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing, to get your basement back in shape after a floor. It will be the easiest option, and you may find that your insurance can pay for everything.


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