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What Do Sewer Cameras Do?

Camera inspections for sewer lines are nothing new. However, many homeowners have never had to use them or learned what they can do. For many years, it was a struggle to properly diagnose and resolve plumbing and drainage issues because you couldn’t actually see inside the pipes. This resulted in tons of excavation and extra work to get to the problem before repairs could be made. The modern sewer camera changed all that.

These cameras work much like a snake or auger. They are attached to a line and fed through the pipes, allowing plumbers to see what’s going on inside. Plus, the cameras feature premium HD quality and other high-tech elements to allow the experts to get a good idea of what’s going on inside the pipes.

Sewer cameras can be used for:

  • Routine inspections
  • Checking for collapsed drains
  • Root inspections (when problematic trees are in the yard)
  • Finding blockages
  • Detecting leaks and breaks

The camera broadcasts everything in real-time to a screen that the plumber can look at and, in most cases, the inspection is also recorded. That allows them to go back later and review footage or check to make sure they locate the issue properly. There are several ways that sewer cameras can be a beneficial resource for homeowners, but only when they’re used by the pros.

These cameras are unique because they can bend and twist through the pipes’ many curves. It makes finding and diagnosing problems much quicker and less invasive, which means that repairs can also be done faster and easier. Thanks to bright LED lights, these cameras can see even the darkest and deepest of pipes, allowing the plumber to get a clear image as to what is going on and the best way to resolve it.

Sewer cameras aren’t the end-all-be-all of sewer and drain issues. However, they are a great tool that can offer a lot of valuable insight and save a lot of extra work. Plus, they’re more affordable than you might think, and they can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If your sewer line isn’t working right or if you’re just worried about its age, consider getting a camera inspection done so that you know your pipes are in good shape.

And if there’s a problem, the sooner that you resolve it, the better. Contact Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing to learn more.

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