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Tips For Keeping Pipes Safe With Well Water

Researchers estimate that over 15 million homes in the United States are on a well water system. Well systems are a great way to provide water throughout your home. While you may be happy with your well system, you may worry about your pipes. If a pipe goes bad on a well system, the repairs could be extensive and costly. Here are some tips about keeping pipes safe even on a well system.

Keeping Your Pipes Flowing

One of the biggest concerns with well piping is during the long, cold winter. In Illinois, the winters can be long and brutal. More well pipes crack or break from freezing than from any other issue. If you are on a well system, you need to make sure your pipes are insulated. You can buy pipe insulation at any home improvement store. Once your pipes are wrapped, the chances of them freezing and bursting during the winter are greatly reduced.

Also, be sure you use the right kind of pipe for a well system. Not all pipes are meant for wells and well pumps. Your well piping should be heavy and used for wells, which means they are at least a schedule 80. Some well owners think that it’s preferable to use metal pipes over plastic, especially if you are running a well pump, but in many cases, PVC pipe with steel connectors is a great pipe to use with well systems.

You will also want to have your pipes checked periodically to make sure they are safe to drink. There are water test kits you can buy to make sure your water is safe. These water test kits can check the level of bacteria in your well water, as well as dissolved minerals. You may want to test your water each season to make sure it is safe to drink. If you notice that the taste of your well water has changed, or the water has an odor, you may want to have your pipes checked.

Let Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing Help Keep Your Pipes Moving

Are you worried about your well water system? Do you need more information on keeping your pipes safe? We can help. Contact Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing today.


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