When Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Replacing a water heater can be a big expense, and one that you may not necessarily be planning for. However, by noticing a few details in your home, you can estimate when it is getting to be time to replace your water heater, hopefully giving you time to save up for your investment.

Time Isn’t On Your Side
Water heaters typically need to be replaced at least every ten years. No matter how well you have taken care of your water heater, or even with the best maintenance, after ten years of service, the replacement clock starts ticking. If you know that your water heater is getting close to this milestone, start investigating plumbing services now. It is better to replace your outdated water heater prior to it dying and leaving your home in a crisis situation.

A Noisy Water Heater
If you hear extra noise from your water heater, it could be time to replace your existing water heater. With use over time, sediment such as calcium and magnesium can build up in older water heaters. This sediment can not only cause some extra noise, but can also decrease efficiency and energy use from your unit which you might see reflected in your electric bills. Extra sediment in the water heater unit can also come out in your faucets, causing a rusty tint to your water.

If you are concerned about your noisy water heater, or haven’t had an inspection from a certified professional in more than a few years, consider having an inspection done in your home. Not only can you get an insight into how long your water heater may last, you can also develop a plan to assure that your home is getting the most out of your water heater and energy use.

Extra Water
Finally, if you see water leaking below or near your water heater, call a plumbing professional. While a leak might be able to be repaired, it may also indicate a larger problem with your entire unit. Play it safe by calling in a professional for their expert opinion and guidance.

Don’t wait until the last moment to replace a water heater that has seen its better days. Instead, notice the signs early and replace your unit sooner than later.


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