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Strange Noises Coming from Your Drains?

Do you have some odd sounds coming from somewhere within your drains? Does it sound like some sort of monster is down there growling and trying to claw its way up and out? You will find that these strange noises could stem from a range of different issues. These sounds are annoying, can be alarming, and could indicate some deeper issues with your plumbing.

A Gurgling Sound

If you have a gurgling sound coming from your sink or shower, it could be caused by several things. In those cases where the sound only occurred when a nearby toilet is flushed, or when the shower or sink is training, it could mean that the drain-vent system is not adequate. This could be caused by the types of pipes, the distance of the fixtures, vent diameters that are too small, and clogged vents, for example.

You might find that the gurgling sound is caused because the sewer pipes are sluggish or partially blocked. There could also be blockages in the private septic system.

Sounds of Dripping or Running Water in a Building’s Drain

One of the other types of sounds that you might hear is trickling water coming from a drain. This could indicate that there is a water supply leak that is leaking into the plumbing fixture.

Rattling or Whistling

When your pipes rattle or whistle, it’s not a sign that you have a ghost in the house. This is often called a water hammer. When someone runs the sink or shower for a moment or two and then shuts it off, the water that was running from the pipe essentially crashes into the valve that blocks the water from moving forward. This can create those types of sounds.

Most newer homes will have water hammer arrestors, so this is not usually too much of a problem. However, it is quite common in older homes. This is particularly true for homes that were built between the 1970s and the 1990s.

Talk to the Pros About Your Noisy Drains

If you have drains making these or other strange sounds, and you can’t figure out the case or the cure, contact us here at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing. We are here to help fix leaks, big and small. No matter where you have water coming from, we can help!


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