Spring Maintenance for Your Plumbing: Tips and Tricks

Spring is right around the corner. That means flowers will start blooming, the trees will start putting out leaves, and you’ll need to start thinking about yard maintenance once more. However, did you know that spring is also an important time for plumbing maintenance? Here are a few tips and tricks to make springtime maintenance for your plumbing simpler.

1. Drain your water heater.

Over time, dissolved minerals in your tap water settle to the bottom of your water heater. Eventually, that can cause some pretty serious problems. You might hear banging and other strange noises from the tank as it heats up, but you might also find that your water heater holds less water and that it doesn’t heat as well. Draining your water heater helps remove sediment buildup and prolongs your water heater’s life.

2. Check your exterior faucets.

After a winter of storms, ice, and snow, it’s time to check your outdoor faucets before you need to use them. You may find that some are damaged. Check the freeze plugs to make sure they’re intact. If you notice damage to a faucet or any leaks, call a plumber to have the issue repaired or the faucet replaced.

3. Check for leaking toilet flappers.

When most people think of toilet leaks, they imagine a leak at the water line. While that’s possible, you might have a more insidious leak at the flapper. Even a small leak here could mean major increases in your water bill. These leaks can also be hard to detect, so save yourself some time and add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet reservoir. Then just watch to see if you notice colored streaks running into the bowl. If you see any, you know the flapper is leaking and needs to be replaced.

4. Check Your Appliances

Many household appliances use water and now’s the time to check them for signs of wear and tear. Check the water line going to your refrigerator, as well as the line to your dishwasher. Check the dishwasher drain and seal while you’re at it. If you have a garbage disposal, check for leaks under the cabinet. Go ahead and look at your sink drain while you’re down there.

With a little bit of preventative maintenance, you can head most plumbing problems off before they become major issues. And remember to call Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing for anything you don’t feel that you can handle alone.

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