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How to Prevent Common Autumn Plumbing Issues

A drainage system is made to point water away from your house. However, when there’s a ton of rain or wet weather continues for a long period, the system may experience a strain. Moving from the drier summer months to the moister and cooler autumn can result in issues that you might not be prepared for.

Blocked Drainage

If water collects before it moves slowly through a drain, this is often created because of a blockage. In the kitchen area, food can cause this issue. Outside, autumn brings leaves that can get caught in the drains and end up in your plumbing.

Bring in a plumber who can remove the leaves and connect a drain cover to prevent this issue. You should also keep branches, leaves, and other yard waste away from the foundation. They can produce an obstacle that snow and water cannot get through.

Water Heater Problems

During fall, water heaters need to work a bit harder. The cold water that goes into the heater has to be warmed before being sent to showers, sinks, and appliances. The water can be much cooler than in the summer so the water heater has to work much harder.

Overheating and failure are more common in fall and winter with poorly maintained or old systems. It’s a good idea to have a plumber identify and repair any issues. It may also be useful to have your pipes insulated, depending on their location.

Burst or Frozen Pipes

When plumbing pipes freeze, the ice inside will expand and can cause the pipe to bust open. Burst pipes can lead to water damage and is a common issue in the winter but may also occur in some areas in the fall.

Plumbers can loosen frozen pipes and replace broken ones but prevention is a better option. Insulate your pipes ahead of freezing temperatures using a pipe sleeve of heat tape. Drain water from taps that might later freeze and cause burst pipes outside. It can create a basement leak and a pool of water around the foundation of your home.

Seeking out preventative maintenance can be useful before autumn gets underway. This includes professional inspection of sewer lines and regular maintenance. If you are concerned about potential problems or are worried your drainage system isn’t working well, bring in the professionals at Elk Grove Village to inspect your sewer and drains for problems and rectify the issues.

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