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Dangers of Ignoring Problems with Your Water Heater

Water heaters, like any other appliances, break down and require maintenance and replacement. They have a life expectancy that differs depending on the model you own. For most traditional water heaters, you are looking at a 15-year life span. Tankless models, on the other hand, can last for up to 20 years. It is always wise to have your water heater maintained and checked if you suspect any problems. Some people may be reluctant to replace their water heater until it becomes non-functional, which is economically logical, but it could also be dangerous.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Problems with Your Water Heater

Damaged water heaters can be a disaster in the waiting. When the pressure builds up in the tanks and there are areas of weakness or leaks, the device can explode causing serious damage, injuries, or even death. Such occurrences are rare but very dangerous. We highly recommend that you contact us any time you notice anything off with your water heater. Early repair and regular maintenance make a huge difference in keeping your family, and your home, safe.

Warning Signs

If you are unsure if your water heater is in proper working condition, it is always best to have it checked. However, these signs could be a red light.

Leak on the Pressure Valve

The pressure valve helps in regulating the pressure in the tank. It is located on the upper side of the tank and it opens when the pressure build-up is too high to release excess water and gas. A leaking valve signifies too much pressure and could be dangerous since the pressure may not be able to balance properly. If your water heater is too old, the valve could also be worn out, or even get stuck, and likely to cause leaks. In this case, it is best to have it replaced as it might not be able to withstand too much pressure.

Sulfur Smell

Sulfur around the heater could be a sign of gas leaking. Turn off the heater immediately if you suspect a gas leak and call for plumbing services. You should also get out of the house if the smell is strong, just to be on the safe side.

To ensure your water heater gives you warm water when you need it, always make sure to keep up with its maintenance. Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing are known for its excellent services in water heater installation, maintenance, and other plumbing services. Contact us today and let us provide solutions to your water heater problems.


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