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Why Your Water Heater May Be Leaking

Dealing with a leaking water heat can be confusing and frustrating. This is doubly the case if you aren’t sure what the cause is. Being aware of why the water heater might be leaking is important so you can choose the right repair method or know to call in a professional. Keep reading to learn more about why water heaters leak and what to do about it.

Corrosion and Age

Over time, the tank on the water heater is going to age. Most heaters last around 10 years or so. As time goes on, the inside tank can corrode since it is constantly in contact with water and minerals. Corrosion can lead to small cracks in the tank, which get larger and cause water to leak. If the heater is old and corroded, replacement is the best option.

High Water Pressure

Water heaters can only handle so much water pressure. This is often about 60 to 90 psi. If the water in your home goes beyond this, it can stress the heater and its plumbing which will cause leaks. Adding a pressure-reducing valve or making sure the one you have works is important to manage water pressure and avoid damage to the water heater.

Loose Connections

Leaks can also be caused by connections and fittings to the water heater. This includes the water supply lines and the fittings for hot water output. The connections can go loose over time which causes leaking or dripping. Make sure you replace any worn-out parts and tighten connections to take care of these leaks.

Faulty Drain Valve

The drain valve is the part you use to flush the tank during maintenance. However, it can experience leaks. If it is damaged or doesn’t close the way it should, water can come out of it. Check the value for any damage and replace it when needed to stop leaks.

Internal Tank Failure

If the external parts all seem in good shape, the issue might be inside the tank. Internal damage and breakdown can cause the tank to leak. However, the issue is that if the leak is happening from within the tank, you will likely need to replace the entire water heater.

Several things can cause a water heater to leak. It might be something as simple as a loose connection or a severe issue like the internal tank failing. Finding out what is causing the leak will help prevent damage and the need for repairs. This ensures your water heater continues to work the way it should. Contact us today to learn more!

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