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Common Kitchen Plumbing Issues

Most homeowners can confidently say the busiest room in the house is the kitchen. With all the food prep, eating, coffee making, and chatting that happens in the kitchen, it is easy to see how normal wear-and-tear can happen at a faster rate than in the rest of the home. Kitchen plumbing issues happen often, and often at inconvenient times. Fortunately, you can head off disaster before it starts if you know what to look for.

Here is a quick list of some of the most common kitchen plumbing issues that we see here at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing. Remember, if you notice a problem in your kitchen, give our team a call sooner than later. The quicker we are able to inspect and assess your home, the higher chance we can help you avoid a crisis.

Sluggish Drains
Your kitchen sink is a busy spot, and the drain can become sluggish quickly. If you notice your drain is not draining as quickly as it should, it is a sign that a clog could be on the horizon. If you don’t take care of your sluggish drain in a timely manner, you can end up with a drain that will not drain at all, making for a smelly and watery mess in your kitchen.

Avoid sluggish drains by being extra careful about what goes down your drain. Keep grease out of the drain, as well as bits of food, as these can cause blockages in the plumbing pipes.

Finicky Garbage Disposal
Having a garbage disposal in the kitchen is a convenience that can speed up your after-meal cleaning. However, garbage disposals can quickly turn into major annoyances when they don’t work well. If you notice your garbage disposal is smelling foul, or if it is making a weird noise, you should call in the experienced plumbers at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing before the situation gets any worse. We can diagnose the problem and develop a plan to fix it up or to replace it.

Dripping Faucets and Pressure Problems
Is your kitchen faucet dripping? This problem is annoying and it can be a big waste of water as well. A leaky faucet is typically a quick fix, though it could also indicate a larger problem within the pipes. Similarly, low water pressure can generally be a quick fix but can be frustrating until the water is operating normally.

If you are dealing with any of these common kitchen problems, don’t go at it alone. Give our team a call immediately so that we can get your busiest room functioning again.


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