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Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2018

Is this year the year you will finally tackle that outdated bathroom in your home? No matter if you are ready to do a small update or a full remodel, you will want to know the latest trends in bathrooms. Not only will you be able to make decisions that will increase the sale price of your home, you can find inspiration for your dream bathroom before you begin to make it happen.

Separate Bathtub Space
Bathtubs aren’t just for the bathroom anymore. It’s true – large, clawfoot tubs are now being seen bedrooms, or other designated space in the master suite. You will need to find the perfect bathtub that has antique design elements that complement your current design, and you will need to work with an experienced plumber to make sure the pipes are rerouted appropriately, but you will love this unique and beautiful look.

Sleek Vanities
When you are searching for the perfect double sink vanity for your bathroom, search for options that are sleek and modern. Floating vanities that look like floating shelves are ever so popular this year, and you don’t have to worry about losing any storage space – most have drawers to hide your toiletries.

Unique Fixtures
Gone are the days of brushed nickel. Instead, homeowners are playing around with mixed metal fixtures and even using exposed copper piping throughout the bathroom. Look for black fixtures for a more modern look as well.

Integrated Showers
This year continues the trend of integrated showers, without the separate space of a bathtub or step-in shower feature. With proper draining installed to a water-proof flooring, a shower can literally be anywhere in your new bathroom.

Are you ready to explore your bathroom options for your upcoming remodel? One thing is for certain – even the best DIYers cannot do the plumbing portion of a bathroom update.

Give our team a call to set up your free estimate; our contractors have been working on bathrooms throughout the suburbs for decades. We can’t wait to partner with you on your next home improvement project.


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