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6 Items Every Home Needs for Plumbing and Drainage

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility. There are so many systems to monitor and manage that it can seem overwhelming. One system that often gets overlooked is plumbing, and it requires more attention than you might think. 

It’s easy to take plumbing for granted. We’ve been using it all our lives and we have the tools and chemicals to make it bend to our every will—why shouldn’t we assume that it will always be there for us? The good news is that with a few additions to your home, you can help keep your plumbing in better shape and reduce the need for professional repairs or intervention. 

Here are six things every home needs. 


You need a plunger, and not just the cheapest one they sell at your local big-box store. Go to a hardware store and choose a plunger that has good reviews and is designed to help with your style of toilet. Not all clogs can be resolved with a plunger, but it can address a lot of simple issues. 

The Right Toilet Paper 

Sometimes, the problem with your plumbing is what you’re putting into it. People assume that all toilet paper is safe for all plumbing, but that’s not necessarily the case. Choose eco-friendly toilet paper or the kind designed to be septic-safe for the best results. 

A Small Snake 

You don’t need a heavy-duty auger; you can call a plumber for serious issues. However, a small plastic handheld snake or a crank version of a snake could be worth having on hand for simple clogs. That way, you can save the call to the plumber if it’s not a major issue

A Pipe Wrench 

Although you’ll probably almost never use it, having a pipe wrench could be a real lifesaver in case of a serious plumbing issue. Choose a small to mid-size adjustable wrench that will fit your pipes and valves in case you need some serious power to shut things off or perform an emergency move until a plumber arrives. 

Better Drain Protection 

The leading cause of blockages and drainage issues is that things are going down drains that shouldn’t. Consider drain protectors that ensure only liquids go down the drain. They come in all shapes and sizes. 

A Regular Plumber 

You should have a plumbing and drainage expert in your contacts that is available when you need them. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a plumbing emergency, trying to research companies and find someone to help. An established relationship will ensure that your plumbing and drainage are always in the best condition and that help is there when it’s not. Contact Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing to learn more!

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