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Signs Your Sewer Is Backing Up Due to Winter Debris

The spring season has arrived, more or less, in Chicagoland. With the rise in temperature and additional precipitation, many neighborhoods can end up with flooded roads or parks. We rely on spring rains and thaw, but one thing is certain: the extra water can cause additional problems for home and business owners.

The next time you pass a storm drain while walking your dog or driving by, take note of the debris in the area. It’s not unlikely to see sticks, grass, trash, and other debris prohibiting smooth drainage. Unfortunately, debris can cause water and sewer problems in your home or business as well as on the corner of your street.

Signs of Sewer Back-Up

It only takes one sewer back-up situation to leave any home or business owner ready to prevent it from happening again. One of the first ways to prevent significant damage is to notice the signs early so that you can call in the experts to fix the problem.

Signs of sewer back-up can include:

The toilet isn’t flushing efficiently. If anyone in your home or business notices the toilet is sluggish and plunging is not doing the trick, it is best to call professional plumbers to assess the situation.

Seeing or hearing bubbles. When you flush the toilet or when water drains out of your sink, pay attention to what you see and hear. If there are any signs of “glugging” or bubbles, it could point to a blockage that will continue to cause issues.

Drains are sluggish. Speaking of drains, if you notice your sinks or tub is not draining as quickly as it has in the past, or if you see puddles of standing water at the base, it’s a sure sign there is a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed.

Sewer Back-Up Solutions

Fortunately, the team at Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing have years of experience working with home and business owners. We are ready to assess and solve your sewer back-up problems before a crisis occurs. Our team of professionals has multiple solutions we can deploy to solve your sewer back-up in the least invasive way possible.

Call Elk Grove Village Sewer and Plumbing today, before your sluggish drain turns into a severe sewer back-up crisis.


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