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Install Hands-Free Flushing in Your Commercial Property

Touchless bathrooms that have toilets offering hands-free flushing and even touchless sinks are becoming more and more common in commercial properties. These types of bathroom fixtures are a fantastic option and can provide your property with a range of benefits.

It’s Healthier and Cleaner

Bathrooms tend to be dirty places, given the activities that take place there. Bacteria and viruses tend to accumulate here more than in other locations in most commercial properties. This means it is easier for employees and visitors to spread germs and potentially get sick.

However, when you have hands-free flushing and touchless sinks, you can reduce the locations that are being touched by bathroom guests. This can reduce the spread of germs and help the bathroom to stay cleaner.

Convenient for the Visitor

Visitors to your bathroom don’t want to touch anything that they don’t have to because of fear of the aforementioned germs. Providing hands-free flushing is nice and convenient for the visitors. If you also have touchless sinks, it becomes even more convenient.

It’s More Efficient

You will also find that this option tends to be more efficient. The hands-free flushing ensures the toilets are flushed properly, and it ensures that there is less water wasted in many cases. This is especially true when it comes to hands-free faucets. Rather than allowing the visitor to run the tap as long as they want, or to leave it on by mistake, you can cut down substantially on water usage.

This can also move people in and out of the bathrooms slightly faster, which can help with their overall efficiency.

It Lasts Longer

You will find that these types of bathroom appliances tend to have fewer moving parts. This means that they have the potential to last longer. When the bathroom fixtures have a longer life, it can help to reduce the overall cost of ownership, making them a smart purchase for your commercial property.

Have a Professional Handle the Installation

Installing hands-free flushing in your commercial property can be a great option, but the installation is likely out of your wheelhouse. Instead of trying to install these types of toilets on your own, it’s better to work with the professionals at Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing, who can take care of it all for you from start to finish. It will be faster, and you can be sure that the installation will be done properly the first time.


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