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How to Tighten a Loose Toilet Handle

Toilet handles are fairly simple pieces of mechanical construction. They attach to an arm inside the tank and when they are pushed down, the arm raises and causes the toilet to evacuate the water, or flush. What happens when the handle is loose, though? It could come off entirely, cause you to have to jiggle the handle to get a proper flush, and otherwise be a pain.

Fortunately, fixing this issue is fairly simple. And, there are a few other things you can do along the way to make sure that you won’t have any problems in the future. Many people end up dealing with a loose handle and other issues from time to time. Here’s what to do if you face this issue.

First, close the toilet seat cover to keep the various parts and tools from potentially falling into the toilet bowl. This can also give you a place to sit while working on the handle and the tank. Then, remove the tank cover and see if you can simply tighten the nut on the other side of the toilet handle. If it’s not that easy, you may need to shut off the water supply and empty the holding tank before completing the repair.

Then, locate the nut and make sure that it’s tightened. If this doesn’t fix the issue, consider the chain attached to the arm—is it too tight or too loose? You may need to tighten this chain up in order to get a good flush. Once the handle feels tight and the flush is solid, you can turn the water supply back on and test the handle by flushing the toilet.

If you’ve done your job, it should flush without incident. If not, you may need the help of a plumber to deal with a bigger issue or a full replacement of the handle and other components. If you’re not sure, you should always rely on the assistance of a dedicated plumber to keep your toilet in its best shape and avoid more costly repairs in the long run. If a replacement is necessary, you’ll need to buy a replacement.

If that’s the case, take the old handle and hardware with you so that you can get an exact fit. Or, as mentioned, call Elk Grove Village Sewer & Plumbing and let them come out and get the job done right, right away.

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