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Bathroom Remodeling: Choosing Your Style

Remodeling your bathroom is exciting, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many choices and options – how can you choose what will fit your home as well as your budget? The first step in choosing the direction that your bathroom remodel will go is determining what you want the end product to be. After you know the style you are aiming for, you can begin to choose layouts and finishing touches that fit your financial plan. As you start your bathroom remodel process, here are a few questions to consider to help you choose your style.

What is my bathroom used for?
Beyond the obvious, consider what you currently use your bathroom for and what you might want to use it for after the remodel. Is your bathroom primarily used as a retreat after a long day? Do you spend a lot of time there getting ready in the morning?

Once you determine the function of your future bathroom space, you can make better decisions based on what your family needs. For example, a huge clawfoot bathtub is a beautiful Pinterest idea, but if no one in your family takes relaxing baths, it might not be worth the expense. Instead, a double sink that can accommodate you and your husband during your busy morning routine might be a better investment for your daily life.

Does my bathroom need to be kid friendly?
If you have toddlers or plans for starting a family soon, your bathroom choices will be drastically different than if you have a family of older kiddos. Consider if you need a bathtub that can accommodate wiggly toddlers or fixtures that can handle a preschooler.

While your kid friendly bathroom doesn’t need to be adorned with Sesame Street characters or bright colors, small decisions, like a pull out step stool built into the vanity for tiny hands to reach the faucet or a pull down shower handle to rinse off muddy feet from a puddle walk, can make your life easier without cramping your classic design.

Where is my bathroom located in my home?
Finally, consider where the bathroom is located in your home. A small powder room on your first floor can be designed with visiting guests in mind while a private en suite master bathroom can have more luxurious options.

No matter what your bathroom remodeling style, our consultants are ready to help you make your dream a reality. Call us for a free consultation to get the process started.


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